Petromerica Motor Oil

Petromerica High Performance Motor Oil


Petromerica Synthetic blend Motor Oil is a superior quality multi-grade motor oil designed for maximum engine protection even under the toughest driving conditions. It outperforms all conventional motor oils, it reduces friction and wear at start-up and protects your engine against performance robbing sludge and varnish deposits. 
Petromerica Synthetic Blends 5W20, 5W30 and 10W30 High Performance Motor Oil meet or exceed GF-5/SN service classification. Petromerica Premium Synthetic blend Motor Oil is recommended for passenger cars, light duty trucks, sport utility vehicles and other mobile and stationary engines.


Petromerica 5W-20 Petromerica 5W-30 Drum Petromerica 10W-30 5-Qt bottle Petromerica 10W-40 Gallon Bottle


Petromerica Synthetic Blend 15W40 Heavy Duty Engine Oil is a high performance, multi-grade lubricant recommended for all types of service in light truck, automotive gasoline and small diesel engines. It minimizes sludge and varnish formation and provides outstanding anti-wear protection, deposit control and extends overall engine life under the toughest driving conditions.
Petromerica Synthetic Blend 15W40 Heavy Duty Engine Oil Outperforms conventional motor oil and meets or exceeds CI-4/SM classifications as well as the performance requirements of ACEA E7, Caterpillar ECF-3, ECF-1, Cummins CES 20081, Detroit Diesel 93K218, Mack EO-L and EO-k/2 and many other light duty diesel engines.


Petromerica 15W40 Gallon Bottle Petromerica ATF-III Quart Petromerica AW32 Pail Petromerica 85W140 Drum

Petromerica ATF III ( Automatic Transmission Fluid) is a premium automatic transmission fluid that meets ATF III performance requirements. It’s is recommended for many transmission systems used throughout the world, requiring ATF III as well as Allison C-3 C-4 Fluids.
Petromerica ATF III is designed for use in all transmissions, hydraulic systems and power steering units manufactured by American, European, Korean, Japanese and other manufacturers from around the world specifying ATF III type transmission fluids.

Available grades are: 5W20 SNGF-5, 5W30 SNGF-5, 10W30 SNGF-5, 10W40 SN, 15W40 CI-4, 20W50 SN AND ATF III (Automatic Transmission Fluid).

MSDS is Available upon demand.

Available in US Quarts, US Gallons, 5 US Quarts, 5 US Gallon Pails, 55 US Gallon Drums and Bulk

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