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American Engine Oil is a Distributor of US Global Petroleum, a Midwest based company and one of the largest Blenders in the Midwest, a US leader in synthetic technology featuring high quality synthetic base stocks and additives, a STATE OF THE ART FACILITY with a tank storage capacity of one Million Gallons.

American Engine Oil line of API certified products are made from high quality base stocks and additives that reflects awareness of the changing conditions and needs of the automotive market

American Engine Oil offers a wide range of Premium Quality Products that includes a Complete Line of Automotive, Commercial and Industrial Lubricants, Brake Fluids, Power Steering Fluids, Gear Oils and Hydraulic Oils. Available in 12/1 US Quart, 6/1 US Gal, 4/5 US Quarts, 5 Gal Pails, 16 Gal Kegs, 55 Gal Drums, 265 Gal Totes and Bulk.

We can competitively supply our high quality products to the national and international markets


American Engine Oil is an American made Motor Oil

American Engine Oil is an American Motor Oil Company


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